Darth Vader in Marjanishvili Square

Is capital of Georgia about to join the dark side, well according to some crazy idea it is. The renovation of one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi has just come to its end so now there is a pretty huge space which is going to be dedicated to some sculpture or something like that.

To my extent there will or already is some kind of competition between ideas, I’ve looked through the possible monuments and all of them are either awkward or some sort of art nobody will ever understand, maybe even the creator himself.

I just came across a much nicer idea about what to put in a spacious piece of land in the center of the city, Darth Vader. Won’t it be great to see Vader himself standing in the middle of the city with the lightsaber in his hand, well I think it will.

If you think so you can support the idea by liking the facebook page

Darth Vader in Marjanishvili Square


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